Defending and Advancing Capitalists

Free markets for free people!

Capitalism Is Freedom, Founded By Michael Bronspigel

Michael Bronspigel, who started the Facebook page Capitalism, is a devotee to the cause of capitalism. He started this foundation in order to advance the cause of capitalism through education and outreach throughout the world. The Capitalism Page on Facebook has over 930,000 followers and reaches around 10 million people a month on average, this despite the very anti-free market efforts by Silicon Valley elites to slow the page down and limit its reach.

The Capitalism Is Freedom Foundation

Serving and Advancing Capitalists and Free Markets

Capitalsts are under fire

Whether it from the left or the so-called right, true capitalists are under fire. We aim to serve and promote capitalists as the true pioneers and heroes of a free society. WE ARE CAPITALISTS AND PROUD!

Success is our best revenge!

Enemies of capitalists loath us for wanting to make a profit, they constantly lie about us and smear our good name. We are going to come together and grow in our success, which is our best revenge!

Capitalists are smarter

We know the difference between a crony globalist rent-seeker and a true capitalist. We know the difference between a mixed planned economy and a true free market. We are smart and we are united in our determination to be happy, prosperous, and free!

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The Capitalism is Freedom Foundation

“Free markets for a free people!”

Advancing the cause of capitalists the world over!